Gardening with Miss Pestorius


Welcome to Gardening with Miss Pestorius!

I created this site as a resource for environmental educators across the United States. This blog combines informational text posts and thorough lesson plans to help you build a successful school garden. Many of the lessons and activities were written for students grades 3-5, but they can be easily adapted for other grade levels. I have organized this site into the many parts necessary for a successful school garden: soil, water, growth, and food. In order for your plants to thrive, they will need healthy soil. On the soil page, you can find information and lessons related to composting. However, without water, your plants will not be able to grow. On this page, you will find information regarding water conservation. The main goal of a school garden is plant growth; on this page you will find information about what to plant in your garden. Eventually, you will be ready to harvest fruits and vegetables from your garden. In the food section, you will find information about preparing the food that you grow.

The lessons on this site are aligned with NGSS and Common Core standards. The information also addresses several of the Education for Sustainability standards published by The Cloud Institute. These standards are:

|B| Responsible Local & Global Citizenship The rights, responsibilities, and actions associated with leadership and participation toward healthy and sustainable communities. Students will know and understand these rights and responsibilities and assume their roles of leadership and participation.

|C| The Dynamics of Systems & Change A system is made up of two or more parts in a dynamic relationship that forms a whole whose elements ‘hang together’ and change because they continually affect each other over time. Students will know and understand the dynamic nature of complex systems and change over time. They will be able to apply the tools and concepts of system dynamics and systems thinking in their present lives, and to inform the choices that will affect our future.

|E| Healthy Commons Healthy Commons are that upon which we all depend and for which we are all responsible (i.e., air, trust, biodiversity, climate regulation, our collective future, water, libraries, public health, heritage sites, top soil, etc.). Students will be able to recognize and value the vital importance of the Commons in our lives and for our future. They will assume the rights, responsibilities, and actions to care for the Commons.

|G| Inventing & Affecting The Future The vital role of vision, imagination, and intention in creating the desired future. Students will design, implement, and assess actions in the service of their individual and collective visions.

You are welcome to adapt these lessons to meet the needs of your students. The goal of this site is that you, your students, and your community will grow as environmentally conscious members of society. If you have any questions about the information on this site, or you would like to share your gardening experiences, please send me a note on the About page.

Happy gardening!