This past summer, I had the privilege of traveling to Cuba with my family. While in Cuba, I visited an organic farm; the man who ran the farm had a large property with many beautiful animals and successful plants, but he told me “el suelo es la coat más importante.” This translates to “the soil is the most important thing.” This phrase resonated with me because the farmer is exactly right, he would not have a successful farm if he did not take care of his soil. The soil loves the nutrients in our kitchen scraps, so why do we throw them in the trash instead of in the garden? In this section, you can learn about building a compost bin out of recycled materials, reducing trash in your school lunchroom, and feeding the soil in your garden with compost.

Waste Free School Lunches

Lunch Trash Audit Lesson

Composting 101

How to Build a DIY Compost Bin